Save with Solar

Subscribe to one or more solar panels with Arcadia Power’s Community Solar program and start saving on your power bill today! When you invest, Arcadia Power will donate 8% back to Gasp.


Switch to Solar

Gasp has teamed up with online renewable energy company Arcadia Power to offer you an easy and affordable solar option at home. Arcadia is the first company to offer a nationwide community solar program, enabling anyone who pays a utility bill to subscribe to solar panels from projects across the country and get savings right on their monthly bill — no matter where they live, whether they own or rent.

Purchase a one-time subscription to panel(s) from one of Arcadia’s solar projects across the country. From there, they track the production from your exact panel and automatically credit your utility bill with savings. You save and directly support the development of solar projects in America, and best of all, you don’t have to put anything on your roof.

As part of our partnership, Arcadia Power will donate a portion back to Gasp for each panel sold.

About Arcadia Power

Arcadia Power is a nationwide renewable energy company. They were founded with one simple mission in mind: to make our world better by changing the way we power our homes and businesses from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. They partner with national and local organizations to help Americans understand their energy choices and the impact each individual can make. Arcadia Power gives homeowners, renters, and businesses in all 50 states who pay a utility bill a simple way to choose clean energy. They put the power back in the hands of the consumer and foster a community dedicated to conservation and sustainability.

Why Clean Energy? Producing the average home’s electricity requires over 275,000 gallons of water, burning 8,180 pounds of coal, and producing over 14,500 pounds of CO2, every year (source: EPA). With clean energy, those numbers go to zero.

Sign up in 3 minutes! You can sign up today in just 3 minutes. All we need is your local utility information and preferred method to pay your utility bills each month. We will get your account set up right away and your service will start with your next utility bill.

How does it work? Once your service starts, our platform monitors your monthly electricity usage via your local utility and buys Green-e Energy certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) from wind farms to match your monthly usage – at no cost or commitment. This certifies that the energy you consume is produced and put into the grid from pollution-free wind farms. We send you a single monthly bill that includes your local utility charges and clean energy.

Get rewarded by sustainable brands! We reward you with exclusive discounts from our sustainable partner brands such as Nest, The Honest Company, and NatureBox that you can claim right through your energy dashboard.

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